Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ding ding ding... fighters to your corners, round 3 is over

Hi y'all. I thought I'd write my May entry tonight. I've gotten a few inquiries on Facebook, so I know there's a need for an update.

On Wednesday I'll receive my last infusion of chemo in round 3. My nurses scheduled a CT scan for May 18th to see how the cancer is reacting to this latest chemo mix. This scan is the scariest one yet, as the pressure is on. If the tumors haven't shrunk, or if more tumors appear, I simply dread what might come out of my oncologist's mouth. However, I do expect that they are shrinking, as I said earlier. For now I'll go to my corner of the ring, wait until the bell rings again, and come out fighting. I guess while I'm sitting on my stool, I could pray for a miracle. Wait, didn't Rocky get down on his knee and pray between rounds? That's more like it. I'll be doing that.... You do the same from those ring-side seats.

For those prayers you've already done, thank you. The side effects have been minimal. A few mouth sores flair up each time I have an infusion (every two weeks) but they go away after a few days. Otherwise, I have some fatigue, but even that is minimal. All in all, it's going quite well.

On a lighter note, I hope to take a trip up North after I get my CT scan results. It'll probably be my last chance to travel for a while.

My boy TK turned 5 on April 16th. We had a Ben10 party with about 15 kids. It was a blast.

And my hubby treated me like a princess this Mother's Day. Not only did I get a gift basket and an amazing dinner at Outback, but he also got me what I asked for/really wanted. We're going to the Lilith Fair in August, and we got great seats!

I'll post again in June, maybe sooner. Until then....


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