Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning Craziness, Check. Blog, Check!

OOOppps, I'm so tired that I let my hand rest on the backspace key. Fortunately, it erased just one paragraph, but I liked that paragraph a lot. Since I'm a write what you're thinking sort of author, I won't be recreating it. It's gone forever. Oh well. I woke up for the 2nd or 3rd time this morning around 4:30am, which is why I'm so tired. If I lay off the backspace key, which is impossible to do, maybe I'll finally get this new post out. Hopefully, the morning crazies and fatigue are over. Yeah, I know mornings are crazy in a lot of our homes, but I was hoping to have a lil' morning quiet time while the rest of the house was sleeping. And I did, but instead of typing on the computer, I was falling asleep on it, which happens a lot to me. My pain pills knock me out when doing anything cerebral. I can't read very much, do work on the computer, etc. So I titled this entry with a lot of determination, and some caffeine.

Since March, I've been through a clinical trail in Bethesda, MD. I think I'll send out a separate post about that. For now, I just wanted to catch you all up to where I'm at now. The trial didn't work, so now we're looking into other ones and strongly considering going to holistic/natural route. There's a therapy in Cali lead by a Dr. Sebi that I'm leaning toward right now. Before then however, I will be undergoing a 10 day radiation on a tumor found in my bone, the sternum. So you can pray about that. This tumor has been causing a lot of pain, and I'm told most of the pain will be taken care of through this radiation treatment. Yeah!