Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st day behind me...

Today started at 8 am with an MRI, ended with 3 minutes of concentrated radiation on my rectal tumor, and large doses of chemotherapy between them. I got home about 4:30p, exhausted. So I took a nap with my new friend, this chemo drip device that is operating on me 24/7. Fortunately, I return it on Fridays, getting the weekends off. So I can go to my nieces wedding on Sat device free.

Feeling no sickness yet. A little queasy, but not bad. I get the MRI results by Wed. It'll tell if I have any cancer in the left lobe of my liver that was too small to see on the other scans. Currently, we know I have a 3cm tumor in the right lobe of my liver. If it's already spread to my left lobe, that would be very bad news for my prognosis. Best case, it hasn't gone to the left lobe yet, and my chemo treatments keep what is there at bay until surgery.


  1. That was a long day, hopefully the treatments will be tolerable & your symptoms will improve early on before you get any side-effects. Keep up your fluids & nutrition--super important to get enough electrolytes, protein & water right now, even if you don't feel like eating & drinking. You'll quickly start to feel horrible if you don't eat or drink enough. Food won't neccesarily taste right for a while, but if your nauseous,take the anti-nausea meds & eat or drink anyway, it's that important. Wish I could come & make some chicken soup for you; it's really a good food. If you're not doing well with food drink plenty of ensure/boost type supplements instead.

    A little 5Fu perhaps?? If you start to get any mouth sores b/c of the chemo I have a good recipe for a mild mouth rinse that might help. Let me know. Maybe we can talk later? I have to answer your question.
    BIIIG hugs,
    Sal xxxxx

  2. Hi Stacy! Just read your blog and wanted to send some love your way. I will certainly pray for you and your family. I am a firm believer in positive energy and the power of faith...continue to think only good thoughts and good energy will come back to you! You will win this battle and you will kick some booty doing it :-) XoXo

  3. Stacy, thank you for being so detailed and vulnerable and sharing your story in hopes to prevent this happening to someone else! I have no doubt you are going to win this battle. Your faith is much bigger than a mustard seed for sure. Keep inspiring us. You have a story of victory to tell...I'm already expecting to see you on Oprah after all of this is over.

  4. Hey Stacy,
    Really appreciate your courage to write about the facts with so much honesty. Keep writing. Don't hold back whether it's good or bad, it will help you to let it out, and it will help us to know how you're doing and stay connected. And you may save some lives in the process. You are an inspiration to me. Sending you lots of Love, Hugs and Prayers. xoxo Betsy