Monday, August 30, 2010

Surgery Update & Social Security Disability

So my surgery date is set for September 29th. The docs scheduled it on my brother Shane's birthday. And interestingly, after my last surgery, my oncologist restarted my chemotherapy on my birthday. How weird is that? My other brother Steve has a birthday in March. I wonder what's going to happen on that day.

When meeting with my surgeons on Friday, they gave me the low-down on what to expect before, during and after surgery. There's one correction I need to make from last weeks post. They will not be operating on my left lung. Since they are not sure what is there, they're opting to just monitor what was found on the next follow-up CT or PET scan. If the spot in the left lung has grown, it will "light up" better on the scan and the docs will determine if it is cancer. If it never grows, then it's not cancer. Leaving these unknown spots in my left lung is not a very comforting thought. But the surgery on my liver, right lung and ostemy bag will be about 6 or 7 hours, long enough without having to go into my left lung as well.

I set up an appointment with Social Security today. Back in October when I started my chemotherapy treatments, the head nurse there told me that cancer patients are not eligible to receive disability. So I took her word for it, thinking that she should know. Well, it turns out that she is wrong! Recently a friend told me otherwise, some cancer patients do qualify. Why it took so long for the truth on this matter to be revealed to me, I know not. I now have a phone interview set up for later this week. We'll see if I am eligible or not.

I just finished eating my daily asparagus. Now I sprinkle cayenne pepper on it, not for the taste, but for the hope of healing properties of capsaicin. Someone should market asparagus with cayenne and other peppers to the cancer community. I'm off now to get my blood drawn at the hospital, chemotherapy tomorrow....


  1. Hello My Stacy,

    Thanks so much for being open & vulnerable and willing to share the latest with what is going on with your treatment.

    I'm sorry our call got cut short last time, but I am so grateful to God that I was able to see you & spend some time with you while you were here in MA.

    I actually received my beautiful necklace from the 'Silpada Jewelry Party' thrown for you. Each time I wear it I think of you & pray for you.

    Big Hug!

  2. Stacy, If you have questions about the disability process let me know. This is kind of what I do at the hospital. I screen patients and help them file their disbability benefits if we feel they qualify.

    You guys are always in my prayers. Hope the next round goes well.

    Eurica Billinger.

  3. praying for you, dear friend.